The eyes have it!

Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo
The hinges of these glasses by Japanese studio Nendo use magnets rather than screws to allow users to detach, mix and match arms in a range of different colours.
Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo
Nendo replaced the traditional screw hinges commonly used for eyewear with magnets, so the frames are more flexible and harder to break.
Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo
"The temples release smoothly when pulled from the side, so that users can create different looks by purchasing temples in different colours and materials," said the studio.
Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo_dezeen_11
The Magne-hinge glasses were shown as part of Nendo's solo exhibition in Milan's Brera district earlier the month.
Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo
Disk-shaped magnets in the arms clip neatly between two parts with a similar shape on either side of the lens frames.
Magne-hinge glasses by Nendo
A selection of coloured arms, including black, metallic, tortoiseshell and blue options, can be swapped in and out to customise the frames and coordinate the accessories with different outfits.


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