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Bed 2033

If lounging around is your thing, then the Chill Out Bed by Fanstudio might make you sit-up and take notice. It is a circular day bed, with a shell canopy that can be closed for a little extra privacy. It comes with a place to chill your wine and it even has its own light for when you are entertaining in the dark. From certain positions it looks like a futuristic space vehicle, but you will have to allow your imagination take you where it will. Looking for something a little more down to earth...have a click>>

2 wheel wonder

We always appreciate clever designs that transform to save space. The cunning designers at Item Desarrollo de Producto decided to combine the space saving qualities of a folding bike with the power of an electric bike to create Neo Volt, a folding urban e-bike. Video>>


Is it visual art, audio art, a sculpture, a product, a machine? Byoungho Kim's works could be described as all of these. They are visually stunning, make sounds, have a sculptural quality and they are manufactured just like any other highly-engineered industrial products. Born in Seoul, Korea, in 1974 Kim has explored the edges of art and product, sounds and visuals throughout his career. As his sound sculptures have no “practical use,” they are defined as art but their intrigue lies in the technology behind them. We just think they look cool.

Main squeeze...

Interior designer and architect by training Grégoire de Lafforest created this lamp that looks like a balloon and lights up when a bulb-like pump is squeezed. Made of plywood of walnut, lacquered steel and blown glass, the actual lighting mechanism is hidden, making the lamp feel a little magical, as if lit by a swift breeze. The lamp, called Olab, was created as an edition for Paris Galerie Gosserez. MORE>


We love multi-functional, fun furniture!

The Bookworm from Dutch design firm Atelier 010 is a single piece of furniture that combines a chair and bookcase in one. But it does so in a truly unconventional way, wrapping the curved bookcase around into something akin to the shape of a heart. The chair is provided by the lowest curve, with the books literally surrounding the seated person. The final touch is a simple light fitting hanging down from the upper portion, providing the reader with a direct, overhead light source. More conventional bookcases>>

Great jugs

We love this porcelain water carafe by Aldo Bakker. Jug and Cup never looks lost when it stands unused. For it even performs as it waits to carry out its function: pouring. To use it you turn it upside down so that the big opening points upwards and fill it with water. When full, the Jug balances on the table; when empty, you can turn it upside down again to cover the cup. Smooth, Aldo!

Family jewels

British artist and writer Charlotte Cory takes her Queen-worthy fictitious animal portraits to new miniature proportions with her "Visitorian" pendants. Each one is set in a unique, antique backing. An amazing gift for a royal animal lovers!

Are we nuts?

Much of my Toby Poolman's childhood was spent in his father's workshop learning to work with wood and metal to create objects. He explores the relationship between concept, aesthetics and functionality, through the mediums of sculpture, furniture and installation. Manufactured from recycled engineering components, Toby deconstructs, shapes, cleans and welds each component into place to create his art. Click here for more cocktail tables>>

Rock Cable Car Chair

Adrien Rovero was one of 40 swiss artists, architects and designers invited to transform 40 year old cable cars into new objects. Created for Mountain Climbers, a Swiss cultural and sustainable project benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Switzerland, Rock is the first of 40 projects to be revealed. For this project he decided to celebrate the rocking movement of the cable car and thus to create a garden rocking chair.

Once a year is here!


Get fired up!

Fireworked by Hiob Haaro is a vase with a twist. Each one is individually "fired" but not in the traditional kiln sense. See the really cool video>>

Pillow talk

This reversible throw pillow by hand lettering guru Alison Carmichael delivers witty charm and a certain comfortable functionality, in feather-filled natural linen.

Coo coo clock

A thoroughly modern interpretation of the granddaughter clock, Bird House Clock by Room 9 features bold, lighthouse-inspired colors meeting natural pine, and a traditional brass pendulum that's painted to match.
Love it!

comfort & joy for the holidays. for less.

This chair has been an instant classic since 1970, when acclaimed Norwegian designer Odd Knutsen introduced it. The chair’s unobtrusive design allows it to fit into any décor yet it offers a level of comfort rarely obtained by even the most expensive chairs. It is truly an affordable classic leather chair destined to become a family favorite...the perfect holiday gift for someone you love!

Lido High Chair in any Prime Leather*
Reg. $1,099 Holiday SPECIAL $699

Lido Ottoman in any Prime Leather*
Reg. $499 Holiday SPECIAL $299

Coasters for the toasters

For 2013, W+K Studio has designed a let­ter­press coaster cal­en­dar in a graphic mint, black and white palette. You can pick one up right here, and check out the rest of their goods for sale here. Also,  their Hurricane Sandy ben­e­fit poster is great!

A nice little nest

The "reading nest" is a simple structure that is not only flexible in use, but can be dismantled at any time and moved to different location.  The flexible, single space, timber frame pavilion has room for books; one can read, write and eat on the folding table; the top hung window can be used as a protective canopy in rainy weather; and the bed folds down from a recess in the wall. Above this, a roof light affords a view of the sky and the top of a nearby cherry tree. We want one. From Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.

Not so everyday object.

Paperclip Lamp is a desk task light, that features an eco-friendly LED lighting scheme, combined with the form of a desktop perennial object: the paperclip. We could not find where to buy one...Good Luck. Made by Teague.

The art of the wood pile

As the cold weather arrives, we salute those who treat their wood piles as a design element. Yes, it's possible.