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Concrete design

Shift is aiming to reframe the idea of concrete into a modern, highly aesthetic, and friendly design component with its first concrete focused object, La Morena. They believe that there is much potential in concrete – that it’s a modern, expressive, and rich substance that has yet to be explored.

La Morena is a little pot that’s full of contrasts. The stony exterior of concrete is juxtaposed with the warmth and organic nature of laser-cut wood. The delicate nature of the wood is balanced by the sturdy, supporting base of concrete. The manufacturing process brings together old and new, with industrial craftsmanship and laser technology.

A rural idyll of a rustic retreat

This guest house and sauna, simply entitled The Mill House is situated in Vastra Karup, rural southern Sweden, and adheres to this commitment by its soul-enriching and sympathetic yet modernist design. Wingardh Architects are selling sanctuary, where clean, contemporaneity envelops traditional Swedish design. We're buying!

Cool. Starts Tommorow.

We found a perfect way to deal with the snow. Stay inside on your cozy, new sectional.
Or put your HDTV on a pedestal for the Big Game with a fabulous Entertainment Center.
During our Cool Winter Sale you will find the furniture that will make staying inside a lot cooler.