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Just our type

We love Modern, but sometimes old is cool.
You have the pleasure of using a modern iPad with the incredible experience of typing as 'old'. Even better: listening to that unforgettable sound of keys and typing. In addition, this new gadget has all the advanced features of a modern keyboard, such as Ctrl, Alt, esc and arrow keys, so your typewriter meets the demands of the XXI century. PS: This would look great on one of these>

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Ready for takeoff!

Huzi Designhas launched their latest collection that transforms the classic wooden building block. Cosmos adds a surprising twist to their fun, space-inspired blocks with built-in magnets that join the pieces together. The interchangeable pieces can be assembled in any way to build rockets, satellites, or any other space-inspired form. Each piece is outfitted with patented neodymium magnets so they pop up and snap together when close. The collection includes 28 wood pieces with 58 connections which results in a limitless amount of possibilities.

LEGO hotel in Florida

We love LEGOS. Now this five-story, 152-room Hotel immerses guests into a creative LEGO® world designed to bring children's imaginations to life. More than two million LEGO bricks make up over 2,000 LEGO models throughout the Hotel. You can enjoy pretending to be a powerful knight, a bunch of dangerous pirates or treasure hunters hunting in ancient Egypt. For children and the young at heart. Children are VIP guests at this hotel and each suite is equipped with a room for the children. The room is equipped with bunk beds and views of murals that can really make one's imagination grow. This is a wonderful breeding ground for some interesting stories in the torch light.

South African artists sending you affordable Danish modern art.

Niky and Graham have been living and breathing art for as long as they can remember. Niky and Graham collectively are inspired to create abstract art, wall art, art prints, geometric art and abstract art. They teamed up in September 2010 and have worked on many successful creative projects since then. WallArtza was born out of going with the flow that came from being born to create. They live and work in beautiful Cape Town, at the most southern tip of Africa.
These would look amazing in a dane decor living room. Just sayin'! 

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