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The Best in Modern Compact Living

The small house movement, also known as the tiny house movement, celebrates minimalist living and the beauty of well-built compact spaces. Eco-friendly materials are often used, and the small scale of these residences encourages clutter-free interiors. A large number of compact homes built in recent years have been modern in style, as the simplicity of these small structures blends seamlessly with contemporary design.

Here's a few of our favorite modern tiny houses. From a billboard-inspired home to a mineral-shaped downtown dwelling, these houses are amazingly innovative, not to mention cozy. Yet somehow impeccable design keeps them from seeming claustrophobic. SHOP NOW>

Turning an old silo into high-rise apartments

Danish architectural firm COBE Architects is turning an old silo in Copenhagen into modern housing. The silo is located in Nordhavnen, an old harbor district in Copenhagen. In recent years, Nordhavnen has undergone redevelopment, with the district’s texture going from old industrial buildings to housing, cafés and public plazas. One of the philosophies guiding the urban development plan, involves the preservation of some of those old industrial buildings.
The Silo is a 67 yard-long, 17-story-tall corn silo that will eventually house 40 high-rise apartments. Because of the floor-to-floor spatial variations that were necessary to handle grain in the past, all the apartments will be very different. In addition to the apartments, The Silo will also host public functions on the top and bottom floors. The top floor will feature a restaurant, sky bar and conference area, while a public exhibition space is located on the bottom floor. Shop Modern Furniture>


The first thing I’m going to eat when I get back to Denmark on my next buying trip is a hot dog, known as Polser in Denmark. The Danish Hot Dog is a natural casing wiener, dyed bright red. Cooked on a flat grill, the extra-long dogs extend far beyond the boundaries of the bun, and are topped with crunchy fried onions, raw onions, thinly sliced pickles, and your choice of sauces ranging from mustard to ketchup or remoulade. The dogs themselves are made from pork, and a touch more flavorful than their American cousins. The Danes are crazy about their hot dogs and so am I. If you ever get a chance have a Danish Polser and you decide. Shop Dining Rooms>

How about some Mid-Century Modern-ness this lovely Tuesday?!!?

We’ve got these gorgeous photos of a house in Spokane, Washington, designed in 1954 and built in 1955. It’s considered by many to be the best example of Mid-Century design in Spokane, but also the best example of work done by MCM architect Bruce Walker. Known as the Ferris House, it’s located on East 16th Avenue.
Educated at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Walker was influenced by Marcel Breuer, as well as Southern California designers like Craig Ellwood, Gregory Ain, Raphael Soriano and Charles Eames.

The landscape was designed by Lawrence Halprin, who was very highly regarded even in the mid-50’s. and is considered by many to be a master of American landscape architects.

He designed the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC among other projects.
The home’s architecture is of Harvard Post and Beam design/construction and the stunningness of the structure easily extends to the inside, where warm woods and stylish details make the home seem like it goes on forever.

POP UP  CANDLE HOLDERS (at a pop up price)

Copenhagen’s Flatlight Design creates original designs with a focus on functionally, sustainability & limiting waste. Out of these focuses a concept emerged; plywood with minimal packaging, easily assembled in the home using no glue. We stock Blue, Natural,
and Dark Brown.
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My strange heirloom

As a 16-year-old Christina Hou Holck suddenly inherited Holckenhavn Castle, a gigantic monstrosity of a Renaissance building in red stone where Danish kings and queens have tripped around since the 1600s.
When Christina inherited the gigantic place, it was impossible to live in. No electricity and humidity made the ancient castle uninhabitable. But with her husband, the young castle owners restored every room in a style that would have gotten the royal family to nod appreciatively.

Since 2007, Christina has run the place with her husband, Dennis. Today Hockenhavn Castle is good business. It is rented for banquets, weddings, and conference rooms.
Check out the video, it's in Danish but still cool.