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The functional and the fantastical

Utopia & Utility was founded in 2012 by siblings Pia and Moritz Wustenberg. The pair creates handmade collections of gorgeous vessels that mix glass with wood, metals, and pottery. The components stack together to form tabletop sculptures that are simply breathtaking. Three separate crafts are used during the process to complete each piece. Stacking Vessels Small are made up of two separate containers that combine blown glass and turned, natural edge wood.

Stacking Vessels Copper and Stacking Vessels Brass are made up of blown studio glass and spun copper or brass as the base.

Transformed Stacking Vessels appear symmetrical from the front but when turned they become asymmetrical.

The Large Stacking Vessels are made as limited editions with 65cm high glass, copper/brass, and wood.

Adding Raku ceramics to the mix, the Raku Stacking Vessels have an uneven and crackled finish making each one unique.

A new vintage of furnishings.

Bask in the vibrant energy of the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. An era defined by the brilliant artistry of Warhol, Dylan, Hepburn, and Givenchy. Our latest collection captures the mid-century vibe with bold, captivating fabrics and pure, graceful forms. Cool greys, warm yellows, and electric blues delight the eye and entice the senses. Experience simple elegance with a dash of nostalgic whimsy. Experience Mid Century Modern. Only at dane decor.

No old bags!

With the style of a messenger bag and the look of leather, Alice comes as no surprise that its appeal is universal. Its faux leather exterior affords you the look of leather but with water-resistance – extremely important for the active lifestyler. The Alice is equipped to safely store and carry your camera and accessories, and also your ipad, wallet, mobile phone – even your make up essentials – so you can always look the part of a cool and collected taste meister... Love real leather? >

Designer sushi

While Umino Seaweed Shop sells all sorts of seaweed, Design Nori is made using seaweed sourced from the Sanriku area of Miyagu. It’s thicker, so it won’t crumble under the laser-cutting, has a nice luster, and doesn’t stick to other ingredients. MORE (sorry in Japanese) >

Serenity Now

In New York's Nassau County. a 125-square-foot garden retreat offers a haven for bustling contemporary life. Metapod created by Jerome A. Levin is cozy, inviting and conducive to daydreaming. Harmony in lush surroundings.See inside>

Turn on your HDTV!

Today’s electronics don’t have to overpower the living space. We love BDI furniture. They have merged innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate your technology into the home. Whether you are considering BDI home theater, office or modular furniture, you can be sure that we have thought through every detail to keep things protected, organized, and presented in style  for years to come. Guess what...$200 OFF ON ALL BDI HOME THEATER CABINETS until MARCH 23. SHOP >

Yes Cyr

Originally from Edmundston, New Brunswick, Kevin Cyr's portraits (yes , these are paintings!) focus on vehicles from the urban roadways: vans and commercial trucks embellished with graffiti and other evidence of wear and tear. Read more about his process...courtesy of the NY Times, below. MORE>

Solid design

We am totally in love with this design by Snarkitecture. It’s basically a cement pillow rest for your iPhone. It simply holds your phone and looks like a soft pillow, but really it’s a hard piece of cement designed to perfectly fit your iPhone (and maybe some other phones, too). It has a small cutout underneath so you can run your cable on the underside. Each one is hand-cast in Brooklyn.