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The art of the wood pile

As the cold weather arrives, we salute those who treat their wood piles as a design element. Yes, it's possible.

Interior fun

Let me start by saying it has been a long time since we blogged anything this wacky and eclectic. It is a completely renovated 3 story apartment created by Parisian interior architect and designer Carlos Pujol. It is oozing with creativity and whimsy, from the eyeglasses chandelier, to the paint chip staircase, the mass of pendants in the kitchen and pinups in the bathroom. This is definitively not taking interior design too seriously. :)

White Hot

White Animal Life tableware, a collection created by Amsterdam-based interior designer Emilie Kröner, includes a rhino and hippo oil-and-vinegar set, elephants as salt and pepper shakers, a flamingo carafe, leopard napkin holders, and a crocodile serving dish perfect for candy, olives or asparagus. In all, White Animal Life is a decidedly ill-functioning set of curiosities for the table. White hot conversation pieces at lavish dinner parties

Chair art

Transformed using heat, 'Monobloc', the titled series of reconstructed seating objects by Bert Loeschner is a hands-on project about the 'infamous garden chair' and its role in design culture. the demonstration between both subject and object, these chairs are sometimes functional, sometimes not. Whatever they are, we think they are worth sharing.

Pre Fab!

Swedish company Kenjo designs small, cabin-like prefab rooms that can serve as guest houses, offices, studios or any other type of space that you like. Each cabin is built with glass sliding doors providing the openness perfect for your new modern outdoor prefab home office. More>>

Never tire of these...

While looking for a modern wallet, someone recommended Italian company mnmur, who takes old tires and makes them into wonderful things like belts, wallets, bags, and even jewelry. We fell for their eco-friendly mission but even more so for their really cool products.

Dream treehouse

Tree House sits on a cul-de-sac at the end of a mature subdivision in Wilmington, DE. It is filled with century-old deciduous trees, which form a magnificent canopy 150 feet above the site. A stream runs around the house, and because of certain restrictions of the Army Corps of Engineers and because of the potential for flooding, the buildable area is quite small. This induced the team at Sander Architects to design a vertical house, with raised Living Room and Master Suite. These spaces give one the feeling of being in the trees. We want one!

Let's roll!

These patterned paint rollers from The Painted House are clever tools for recreating the look of traditional handmade block-printed fabric or wallpaper in your home. Reusable and interchangeable, the rollers come in 9 different designs, with a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for papers and walls.


Yum Yum is a studio that loves making things. They create animation, illustration and toys. This one made our day!
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We love leather!

Hand-made with the highest attention to detail and workmanship, this really cool Leather Pouch is the perfect case for your iPhone 5. It's made of premium light weight Dakota leather. From Killspencer>

Manual of Marvels

Classified as a Surrealist, American artist Joseph Cornell is best known not for his abilities as a painter or a sculptor but as a collector. Cornell took pleasure in the hunt and liked to spend his time scouring secondhand shops for books, faded photographs and other small treasures—which he then used to construct whimsical tableaus. While these collages of curiosities dominated the majority of Cornell's work, they were not the only medium with which the artist toyed.

One of Cornell's more unique projects started with a copy of a French agricultural journal from 1911 entitled the "Journal d'Agriculture Pratique," which he discovered on one of his excursions and became immediately transfixed. Treating it similarly to his sculptures, Cornell transformed the French journal into a Surrealist masterpiece by making additions and alterations to its frail pages. After Cornell's death, the book, now known as the "Manual of Marvels," was discovered in his ba…

We wood!

Pablo Picasso said “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”, from this assumption french creative studio Bonsoir Paris transformed the nature of wood and the identity of frames. The wood melts like plastic, or sometimes chocolate, from frames which don’t contain artwork but become artwork themselves. How is it possible? Just by a master work of handmade sculpting in wood. The series is called Duramen.

The nesting instinct?

A redtail hawk flew into our Downingtown store this Saturday. Luckily, Mark was there to get a spare sheet out and carefully grabbed the Hawk and let the majestic bird out safely. It was a really rare and beautiful sight to see a redtail up close. Maybe she was interested in nesting? She picked the right place!

Rocking Knit

Rocking knit makes the transition to the winter season a little less onerous. Students at The University 
of Art and Design Lausanne, Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex created a chair that will fashion its user a beanie as they leisurely rock back and forth, activating gears that put the machine to work as its sitter relaxes. the project is in response to the exhibition's theme, where students were required to reinterpret the idea of manufacturing - deconstructing the fabrication process of a product to a slower, more considered pace. Video>


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Holy carpeting!

So many spots, so little time! These hand-tufted wood rugs by Gan Rugs feature these delightful 100 per cent wool dots, pampering your feet while providing a fashionable visual facet to your floors. We like .

pottery by vincent van duysen

Vincent Van Duysen's collection of pots for 'when objects work' is an exercise in restrained theme and variation. We love restrained themes and variations.
Cool video>>

Wood you like a burger?

Love this alt burger by (ironically) Sarah Illenberger, whose clever mind creates visual puns and visually arresting work.  Check out her site!