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Celebrate comfort and design

We just got a new shipment of fresh furniture and we hope you will stop in and enjoy the cool comfort of our showrooms. Have a refreshment and kick back. Not a bad, cheap date:) PS: We also have a HUGE sale going on.

USB Typewriter

This antique typewriter has been modified to work as a USB Keyboard for PC, Mac, or even iPad! That's right -- its a beautiful and fully functional computer keyboard!

The USB Typewritercan type all letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. It also includes shift, space, and return carriage (which is literally activated by the typewriter's return carriage!).

The modification is very clean leaves the typewriter looking, feeling, and working like a regular typewriter. You can use it as your primary computer keyboard, or turn off your monitor altogether and type on paper while saving your work to disk. A beautiful, functional, unique addition to your home office.

PS...How perfect would it look on our Marsden roll top desk. Just sayin'.

Wood you? Part Two

These bold ties are made from redwood beams, reclaimed from salvage yards in the San Francisco area. Once part of a barn or warehouse, planks are cut, sanded and varnished, leaving the wood's natural grain and coloring on display in a charming plain or vertical, striped pattern. Individual panels are connected with a hidden elastic cord, which slips easily around the shirt collar for a comfortable fit. Handmade in San Francisco. Thanks to our friends at Uncommon Goods!

What a prints!

We met Spicher and Company at High Point Market and were blown away by their amazing printed posters and framed art! Have fun exploring!

Wood you?

We love great designed products using wood. Check out these wooden wallets by Haydanhuya. Handmade, using one piece of solid lime wood, they are ideal to use for credit cards, money, id and business cards and three available colors.Here's their catalog:)

Gardens by the Bay

Sustainability has been a key design driver for Singapore’s ambitiousGardens by the Bay project. The garden at Marina South will be home to some of the site’s most spectacular structures including the largest climate-controlled glasshouses in the world, employing low-energy and renewable systems. This project was won in an international design competition as part of a team led by landscape architects Grant Associates. Thanks to our friends at Contemporist!

Magical Mary Poppins Bag

Dror Benshetrit is a celebrated and award-winning international designer and architect who explores the nature of movement, space and forms. Dror for Tumi is a collaborative collection of travel, business and day bags that integrate Dror's concepts of "transformation"--in which items change their shape and/or purpose, this hardside wheeled carry-on offers two-stage expansion. It goes from 9" to 14" deep (increasing capacity by 77%) when you engage both the zipperless expansion features by pulling up on the two levels of interior this!

All Hans

The Wegner Shell Chair is one of Hans Wegner's most iconic chairs. It achieves it's floating lightness thanks to wing-like lines and arching curves of a three-legged design. Hans Wegner first drew up the Shell Chair in 1963, and after a 30-year hiatus, the Wegner Shell Chair is back in vogue! Sometimes called "The Smiling Chair", its three-legged construction provides absolute stability; the chair achieves a floating lightness due to its wing-like seat and the arching curves of its tapered legs.

Love leather

Into leather? Keep your essentials handy and protect your iPhone with the Leather Snapshot Clutch. Four slots hold your credit cards, ID and cash while the removable wrist strap and snap closure keep it all safe and secure. The Snapshot Clutch also features an integrated hardshell iPhone case for a higher level of protection. Even better, the Snapshot Clutch lets you take a picture without having to remove your phone. The case slides up to expose the camera lens, letting you quickly snap a photo! So cool...from goincase!

Got wine?

Love wine? We know we do:) Here's a great day trip. The 7th Annual Brandywine "Big Bang" BBQ!  Seven family-owned and operated regional wineries of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail will be offering a variety of wines, food, picnicking, and music to celebrate Independence Weekend. No Passports or Tickets required to attend! Beat the shore crowds and spend a rousing Fourth of July Weekend with great BBQ & Wine. June 30 & July 1.

Wine design. Inspired by the flow of liquid, this sculptural wine rack is finished in brushed stainless steel. Flow is wall mounted and will hold up to eight bottles using a minimum of space.

Hello Torno

Torno by Inga Sempé is a detachable cork shelf / storage unit that can be set up wherever you need it the most. Shaped like a small tray or bowl, it becomes a handy pick-up and drop-off spot for the random objects that populate our daily life. And we could all use a little organization. Right? Torno would look great with one of these!


A small " ! " moment. There are so many small " ! " moments hidden in our everyday. But we don’t recognize them. And even when we do recognize them, we tend to unconsciously reset our minds and forget what we’ve seen. These small " ! " moments are what make our days so interesting, so rich. Oki Sato's company Nendois on a mission to capture those small " ! " moments through product designs. A piece of string cast inside this transparent candle stand traces the form of a classic candleabra. The effect: the candle wick seems to continue down into the stand! Jaguchi(the Japanese word for faucet) is an aqua-themed stand for your iPhone or iPadthat looks like a gushing tap! The Oppopet wireless optical mouseis fitted with a detachable USB piece that matches the color of the trackball. The tail detaches from the mouse's backside and plugs into your computer. Not cheesy at all!

Beat it

BEATER is a whisk that is sculpturesque, space-saving and functional all at the same time. Beater can be folded together, saving space in the kitchen drawer or on the wall. Beater is inspired by a pack of straws and is gathered in the middle using a ring that functions as both an opening and closing mechanism and a hanging fixture. Beater comes in eight colors: white, grey, light blue, nude, lavender, pink, mint and dark blue. We love great design!


Fresh from the Stockholm Furniture Fair...

Playis a classic tic tac toe game in a large version from the creatives atA2, who like us, cherish a genuine production with carefully chosen materials which results in high quality products with a strong identity. Produced by skilled craftsmen in Småland, Sweden, the design is clear and graphic with a black board in an interesting contrast to the pieces in white oiled oak. A simple design for a very complex game:)

This just in...

Shameless plug:) We traveled far and wide to find the coolest furnishings to help make your home a place you can’t wait to get home to. And we are excited to say they are finally here...just in time! Our showrooms are filled with fresh and fabulous new furniture designs. And the pricing is our lowest ever. Stop in all month and rediscover dane decor. Click here to see our Just In June brochure! Note: Click on brochure to make bigger!

Be a drip

Matthew Robinson has created the Fusion Tables for his final project while studying furniture making at the Leeds College of Art in England.  An almost cartoon-like appearance brings a sense of fun into an everyday piece of furniture. We can't wait for him to graduate!


Bob Mahler started his career at the age of 15, studied exclusively under world renowned bonsai master Susumo Sudo in Japan for four years, and headed up the bonsai collection as curator of bonsai at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, NY for eleven years. Bob has strong ties to some of the finest gardens in Japan and imports trees annually. . Bob is available for lectures, lessons, private collection maintenance, Japanese Garden Design, and international tour/buying assistance. Private bonsai classes are held at Bob's bonsai studio in Lehigh County (it's about a 1 hour drive from our Philadelphia showroom).Interested in all things's a great link! PS...Bonzai look amazing on our furniture:)

Repurposing with a purpose

This Spring, while shopping at High Point Furniture Market, I met Breck Armstrong the owner of Moss Studios. If there was ever a time to feel all consumed with a creative rush, it was at that moment. A good friend and I fell in love with everything Breck had creatively repurposed. He bought the Blow Torch Lamp on the spot and I ordered a whole bunch of cool stuff for our Downingtown and Philly showrooms. We are really excited to learn that the the orders are on the way! Stop in and you will be inspired!

Comfort to go!

The Nomad Chair Folds up smaller than a suit case, and is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve tried. Pure genius as a design.  Perfect for college dorms! Who says you can’t take it with you. Part of our new furniture designs just in for june! Blog Special $269 until 7.31.2012! Available in black or white.

Take a seat

Summer is here. And so is the iconic Adirondack Chair.  For a really fresh take on this staple of summer, check out the "Take a Seat" outside exhibition ofartist painted Adirondack chairs at the Morris Arboretum shown through the summer until September. Our good friend, Donna Usher was one of thirty artists chosen to creatively paint two Adirondack chairs. Her adult and child size chair are titled "Meditation Chair with Finger Labyrinth" All the Adirondack chairs are online and for sale to raise funds for the Arboretum at The University of Pennsylvania.

Work becomes play

This cool new Office "WorkPad" is a height adjustable laptop desk that easily adjusts from 27-40”. Designed with a small footprint in mind, this ergonomically safe and effective laptop desk provides a sound way to vary posture throughout the day.
Coming soon to dane decor!