A small " ! " moment. There are so many small " ! " moments hidden in our everyday. But we don’t recognize them. And even when we do recognize them, we tend to unconsciously reset our minds and forget what we’ve seen. These small " ! " moments are what make our days so interesting, so rich. Oki Sato's company Nendo is on a mission to capture those small " ! " moments through product designs. A piece of string cast inside this transparent candle stand traces the form of a classic candleabra. The effect: the candle wick seems to continue down into the stand! Jaguchi (the Japanese word for faucet) is an aqua-themed stand for your iPhone or iPad that looks like a gushing tap! The Oppopet wireless optical mouse is fitted with a detachable USB piece that matches the color of the trackball. The tail detaches from the mouse's backside and plugs into your computer. Not cheesy at all!


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