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From a quality Danish trash bin to a 100% designed and furnished home.

The Vipp story begins in 1939, when Holger Nielsen designed and manufactured a foot-pedal garbage bin for his wife’s hair salon. Nielsen’s keen sense of aesthetics and quality were quickly recognized and requests for his useful Trash Bins began pouring in. Today, the company is run by his daughter, but little else has changed. Vipp still manufactures its pedal bins in Denmark and the materials are the same: stainless steel and rubber. “Good design never goes out of fashion,” said Nielsen and his Vipp Bins are no exception.

Vipp Shelter
In 2014 the designers at Vipp started the “Vipp Shelter” project. On June 22, 2015 we could have visited the Vipp factory in Copenhagen, heard from the designers, and taken a short trip into Sweden to see the actual Vipp Shelter.  For as little as $500,000 you can have your own weekend escape (with everything included).  This prefabricated, 592 square feet structure is designed to be placed in the natural setting of your choice with minimal effort. Plus,…

Friday Night Food, Furniture and Fun!

After you visit Dane Decor. Hang around and enjoy the evening.
Downingtown Summer Jam Series
Friday, June 26, 2015 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

This is 1st in a series.

Event Details:
This 3 part music series will feature local musicians on 2 stages, food and unique crafts right in the heart of Downingtown! Sponsored by Kimberton Whole Foods, Synergema and School of Rock, this community event is the perfect start to a summer weekend. The School of Rock will takeover the stage in Armor Alley Pocket Plaza along Route 30 from 5-9PM

Walk through the variety of food and craft vendors along Mill Alley to enter Stage 2 with a lineup of local artists including, Clarabella, Pistachio Flavored Shoes and Tessellations. Stay tuned to the Downingtown Main Street Association’s Facebook page for news and updates on vendors, featured talent and other happenings in town!

How to care for indoor teak furniture

Forty one years ago I purchased my first piece of Teak furniture.  Over the years I’ve read everything I could find about “how to take care of Teak furniture”.  Please understand most things you read about care of Teak is for outdoor furniture, and there is very little about indoor Teak furniture. Teak is a marvelous wood for indoor and outdoor uses with a beautiful grain. But one very important thing - when you buy Teak Oil make sure it is for indoor Teak furniture. If you use outdoor Teak Oil on fine indoor Teak furniture it could ruin your furniture.

What You Need
0000 (4 zero) Steel Wool
Indoor Teak Oil from dane decor:)
Dusting rag
Oiling Rag

Dust: With a damp (not wet!) cloth, dust the piece of furniture so that you get every bit of dust off.

Use a bit of elbow grease if somethings actually dirty. Allow it to dry completely. If you are working on a really dirty or soiled piece of Teak get your steel wool and wet it with your Teak Oil. Lightly sanding with…

5 Ideas to Make your Summer BBQ a Stand Out

1. Don’t bother using your watermelon as a bowl, create a cocktail keg instead with it!  Cut a lid from the top, scoop out the fruit inside.  Drill a small hole near the bottom, use a knife to widen it until it is slightly smaller than a keg shank.  Attach the keg shank, and fill the melon with your choice of punch!

2. Ice cubes for your drinks should be fun not boring.  Fill your trays with pieces of colorful fruit (lemon slices, berries, pieces of strawberries) or even fresh mint!  Freeze them and these colorful ice cubes to add color and flavor to your drinks.  Worried about how many ice trays you have, don’t worry use muffin tins in addition to make bigger ice cubes.
3. Forget the days of playing cornhole at your backyard BBQ.  Create jumbo versions of your favorite games!  Jumbo Jenga with 2 x 4’s from your local home improvement store or life-size scrabble with large laminated letters. For step by step directions to create Jumbo Jenga

4. Pretend like you're a kid again wit…

Danish smarts

Denmark has had no less than 14 Nobel laureates, including 4 in Literature, 5 in Physiology or Medicine, and one Peace prize. With its population of about 5.3 million, it is one of the highest per capita ratio of any country in the world. Maybe that's why the furniture is so brilliant! Like our Skovby Esprit table.  Perfect for space challenged kitchens and dining areas!

A little known fact about a Danish man we admire and love.

Hans Christian Andersen’s Quirky Habit.

We love all of the fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen.
The Little Mermaid. The Little Match Girl. The Ugly Duckling.

Hans Christian Andersen is loved around the world, but in Denmark, you learn about his unusual habit. In 1857, one of his best friends, Henriette Wulff, died in a ship fire. It is said she could have been rescued if she had been carrying a rope. After that, Hans carried a rope with him everywhere he went, whether it was the local pub or a stroll in the gardens–just in case.

It also looks as though Mr. Andersen could have benefited from one of our ergonomically excellent desk chairs!

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