5 Ideas to Make your Summer BBQ a Stand Out

1. Don’t bother using your watermelon as a bowl, create a cocktail keg instead with it!  Cut a lid from the top, scoop out the fruit inside.  Drill a small hole near the bottom, use a knife to widen it until it is slightly smaller than a keg shank.  Attach the keg shank, and fill the melon with your choice of punch!
Photo: http://www.instructables.com/

2. Ice cubes for your drinks should be fun not boring.  Fill your trays with pieces of colorful fruit (lemon slices, berries, pieces of strawberries) or even fresh mint!  Freeze them and these colorful ice cubes to add color and flavor to your drinks.  Worried about how many ice trays you have, don’t worry use muffin tins in addition to make bigger ice cubes.

3. Forget the days of playing cornhole at your backyard BBQ.  Create jumbo versions of your favorite games!  Jumbo Jenga with 2 x 4’s from your local home improvement store or life-size scrabble with large laminated letters. For step by step directions to create Jumbo Jenga
Photo: http://www.followeric.com/

4. Pretend like you're a kid again with popsicles, but make them all grown up by adding alcohol!  With flavors like Strawberry, Mojito, or Prosecco & Strawberry Rum pops.  Click here for easy recipes. Click here for easy recipes.

5. The music needs to be on point for a stand out party.  Create a playlist that includes a mix of current hits, and hits from the decades that everyone attending your party grew up in. Who doesn’t love a throwback to their childhood or high school days?

6. Sit back and enjoy your party! PS: We just got in some cool folding chairs from fermob!


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