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Watch me now!

Pocket watches are something you don’t see all that often anymore. Is it necessary? No, but neither is a normal watch that attaches to your wrist and this one probably looks better than that anyway. Just sayin! The Memento Wooden Pocket Watch. So cool!

Sit. Stand. Live Longer.


Mad Men Modern

Our fondness for the Eames era just cannot be satisfied. The offices of Don Draper’s advertising firm, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, are a showcase of midcentury modern style, featuring pieces from iconic designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, and Eero Saarinen. SHAMELESS PLUG WARNING: Guess what? Dane Decor is flush with Mid Century Modern. Now on sale. Stop in and check out our selection!

Al's Ink Art

Alberto Seveso  is an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. In his latest series a due Colori, Alberto photographs plumes of ink underwater. The textures, detail and organic shapes are absolutely incredible. At least we think so:)

My Granddaughter's cabinet

Our quest for finding new functional storage furniture led us to this yummy Swedish treat created by Lisa Hilland for the Swedish furniture company Garsnas. It's called My Granddaughter's cabinet and I know one day she's gonna love it!

Linked in

Suzy Lelievre transforms everyday objects into something different.  Her tables embrace each other, bending under the effort. In her work, reality gets slightly twisted, generating objects that fringes art and design. Furniture as art. That's something that gives us goose bumps.

A blastico!

Elasticodesigned by Arianna Vivenzio, is flexible shelving in every sense of the word. A broad, elasticated band is stretched taut between two wall-mounted, cylindrical wooden pegs. Like it?

Insanish Danish...

We try to never plug a sale on this blog unless it is

A. Amazing
B. Incredible.
C. Final days.
D. All of the above.

We hope you'll take advantage of the lowest prices of the year. Even if you don't buy, we invite you to enjoy browsing. It's kinda like FREE admission to the Museum of Contemporary Furniture. Nice thing is you can sit on the art!

A bright idea

Dick Verwey's recipe for a cool product?  Two parts honest design. One part technical values. Just a dash of sarcasm. On another note...did Thomas Edison really invent the lightbulb?

Stump the artist

At first glance, this funky chair appears to be a Zebra-like bumpy tree stump carved into a chair. Upon closer inspection, we discovered this was created from biodegradable-paper!
More from Danish artist/designer Mathius Bengtsson.

In Liquid refreshment

InLiquid is a nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities and exposure for visual artists and designers, serving as a free public hub for arts information and resources, and making the visual arts more accessible to a broader audience through exhibitions and programs.

This week we feature Germantown's own HumanKind Design. A small team of experts in sustainable product design who create one-of-a-kind heirloom quality products. Here is Zombish, a steel and carbon fiber piece. Wowie!

Put this in your pipe

Ron Ulicny is a Portland-based miscellaneous media artist. His constructs are comprised of various ephemera re-imagined, and re-assembled to create intelligent, witty and thoughtful new forms. We love this stuff!

Save the date!

It started as a casual monthly discussion between some of the local artists in and around the Chester County area. The idea was launched to create a tour of connected artists' studios from this ragtag group of arguing pseudo-intellectuals. Meet twenty five distinctly different artists and experience their work at ten studios, while enjoying a scenic drive through the woods and rolling hills of Chester County. Saturday May 19th & Sunday May 20th! More to come.

I want to go!

Check this out. Maastricht 2012...The World's Leading Art and Antiques Fair! This event is being held in Maastricht, Holland. I heard this is the Super Bowl of Antique events. My only wish is that time and money grew on trees. I would love to attend. Maybe next year!

Beauty is only skin deep

I just hate some of the print graphics on guest soap until I came across this stuff from Portugal. Claus Porto creates true works of art, whose exclusive Art D├ęco design and packaging evoke the company’s historical legacy. These soaps contain natural shea butter to moisturize even the driest skin. And here's the beauty part. Each handmade bar will last without cracking or loosing it's fragrance til the very end! These bars are far superior to any store bought soap. Don't you deserve a little luxury in your life? We think so:)

Toys for grown-ups shelves

In the small town of Vissenbjerg, Denmark, a very creative company called Waterquest makes a variety of humorous products that make us smile. We think retro robots and wind up toys would look great on a contemporary wall unit. Most furniture stores don't sell toys, but this stuff is so cool we may have to start!

Forging ahead

We love his work!  Philadelphia-born Modernist American metal sculptor, Albert Paley's creations are truly amazingly awesome. And guess what? His work is on display at the American Swedish Museum in Philadelphia. Opening is Sunday, March 11. Bonus feature. Here's a video clip of Albert in action!