And the winner is...

A few of our favorite A' Design Award winners, rigorously judged by an international jury of design professionals, in a total of 80+ design categories (you can see all winners here):

Folded Tones Rug by Enoch Liew  Flatness is done away with in a rug that presents a 3D optical illusion of folds, using deliberately limited palettes of only three colors, for easy blending with any interior.

Black Shadow H-E Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Motorcycle by Mark Norton Menendez, Platinum A' Design Award Winner in Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Category, 2013-2014. Future-is-now eco-bike features a lightweight carbon titanium composite frame and an exhaust that emits only oxygen and hydrogen, with the retro styling of a cafĂ© race.  

Eternity Urban Bench by George Drakakis, Golden A' Design Award Winner in Street Furniture Design Category, 2013-2014. "Just drop & forget" with this no-maintenance outdoor unit that provides comfortable seating and a bit of optical fun, in waterproofed reinforced concrete.


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