Not the same old grind!

Gregg Palm marries exceptional craftsmanship with perfect functionality. “My passion is to transform everyday objects into prized pieces,” he says. “Each is an original. The texture, strength, grain and infinite variation in wood inspire me, and seeing each piece come together gives me a feeling of complete satisfaction. I felt as if all parts of me became whole working with metal and wood.”

G3 Studios was launched in 2003 by Palm and Yvonne Holland, his wife and business manager. The couple introduced their one-of-a-kind products at art fairs and galleries throughout the Midwest. He is a Buyers Market of American Craft exhibitor, and today his flat- and turned-wood products are in demand throughout North America.
Math figures prominently in the artist’s complex process; each and every component must fit together precisely. Palm uses no stains or dyes, only natural woods from Forest Stewardship Council suppliers around the world, and each item undergoes multiple stages: planing, cutting, lathing, routing, epoxying and sanding. A single piece can take from one to three weeks to complete!
Palm PMillAssorted Artist Profile: Gregg Palm


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