When circles collapse

Frost Produkt participated at the Norwegian Prototypes exhibition in London. The brief for the exhibition was to design products that could fit in to a hand luggage suitcase. The result was the series “When Circles Collapse”.

Clock: The Clock's fan has 60 folds, each one representing one minute of time. After unfolding the fans, the position is held by twisting and then pushing the center disc. The textile aesthetic weds the clock elegantly with domestic furniture pieces as opposed to a typical clock.

Side table: The table top works as a wedge locking the legs into a fixed position. Once locked into position, the legs leave a looped gap above the table surface that can be used as handles. The subtle difference in leg size creates an honest and asymmetrical look.

Ottoman: A playful and intuitive piece of furniture; the textile shell communicates the size and function of the Ottoman. From fully collapsed to ottoman or stool height, the height is adjusted (using a “scissor lift” mechanism) by simply pulling the looped rope. We love multi-functional stuff!


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