Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio

In 1966, Eero Aarnio created one of the most iconic of all the retro chairs (now making a huge comeback via AMC's Mad Men). Here one of the world's greatest designers explains how he did it. "The idea of the chair was very obvious. We had moved to our first home and I had started my free-lance career in 1962. We had a home but no proper big chair, so I decided to make one, but some way a really new one. After some drawing I noticed that the shape of the chair had become so simple that it was merely a ball. I pinned the full scale drawing on the wall and 'sat' in the chair to see how my head would move when sitting inside it. Being the taller one of us I 'sat' in the chair and my wife drew the course of my head on the wall. This is how I determined the height of the chair. Since I aimed at a ball shape, the other lines were easy to draw, just remembering that the chair would have to fit through a doorway. After this I made the first prototype with wet paper and laminated the surface with fiberglass, rubbed down the outside, removed the mould from inside, had it upholstered and added the leg. The naming part of the chair was easy, the BALL CHAIR was born."For more retro inspired furniture check this out!


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