Happy Halloween.

Some buildings are scary looking, and others hold terrible stories...
Here are what we think are the winners for being scary...

Notre Dame frightens them all!
Any Gothic medieval cathedral can shake even the most hardened,
but Notre Dame in Paris takes the prize.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Concrete Hell...
The Ennis House in Hollywood was designed by the famous architect
when he was in a dark mood.

Frank Kafka’s creepy home...
It is scary enough just walking through the gate at Archbishop’s Palace in Prague.
But Frank Kafka lived here.

Here lives Elvis still...
Elvis Presley lived in Graceland Mansion from 1957 to 1977.
The king of rock ‘n roll is buried here.
Many fans still think his ghost is wandering around in white satin at Graceland.

The house that scares the heck out of us.
The Amityville House in New York very cozy, but the paranormal activities
and evil spirits makes us want to run away.

This entire neighborhood is scary...
The ritzy gilded age of multimillionaire villas in Newport, Rhode Island.

These houses are known as the world’s most haunted houses, especially Breakers Mansion, once owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt.
The story is that he still wanders around because he doesn’t know he is dead.


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