How about a sandwich?

Would you believe that an adult bicycle could arrive flat-packed, be easily assembled by you at home, and ready to be ridden in just a short matter of time? Basten Leijh has done just that with Sandwichbike, an innovative bicycle made of wood that he designed and developed.

Sandwichbike’s unique frame is made of two weatherproof beech wood panels that will stand up in less than ideal weather conditions. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests in Germany as the company takes environmental concerns seriously. Carefully milled aluminum parts are what holds the two wooden panels together, turning all of the individual pieces into a Sandwichbike. With the handy tool that’s included, you can assemble your bicycle in less than an hour. “If you can make a sandwich, you can make a Sandwichbike.” More cool wood products>>>> 


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