Born Again Furnishings

We have been students of Danish and Scandinavian furniture for 41 years. Recently, we researched what, where, and how much did some of the great pieces of furniture we sold cost today. We are proud that our furniture retains much of it's value. And in some cases actually increases in value!

Over at Uniques & Antiques Inc., 2500 Market Street in Aston PA - they recently sold some of our famous pieces: A Dane Decor H. P. Hansen Danish Teak Sideboard sold for $1,955. An amazing bargain for handmade furniture today. We sold this in 1976 for $1,499.

Four Koefoed Dining chairs and a Danish Teak refectory dining table sold for $1,265. Originally it was $1999 at dane decor in 1977. That' s over 30 years of use for just over $600.

Stop in today and browse our huge selection of Danish and Scandinavian furniture. A beautiful investment.


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