Introducing our new Live Edge Furniture!

James (or Hank as we call him) is one of the owners of Dane Decor. Hank has been making our Live Edge wood furniture for us for about three years.

Live edge wood is so unique because it shows a cross section slice of a tree and gives clues about its time on earth. You can see years that were dry and years that were wet. You can see when the tree was starved of sunlight (growth rings are smaller) or when the canopy was thinned either by nature or by man and the growth rings became larger. There may be evidence of disease, fire, or possibly damage by man or nature. Many of us are drawn to nature in some way and having a slice of a tree as part of our daily world serves as a nice contrast to the high-speed, high-tech world we live in. What could be more inspiring and uplifting than dining or meeting around an actual cross section of a tree?

We have over a dozen pieces of Live edge furniture in each of our showrooms. The beauty is that no two are the same. Stop in soon and you will be amazed!

Live Edge. Crafted by James H. Hamilton from wood that is 100s of years old.


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